Tough toys your dog can't destroy

Buster’s indestructible dog toys

Buster has destroyed countless so-called indestructible dog toys. He’ll be turning 6 next week, so I’m pleased to say we have finally found several companies making high quality indestructible dog toys that last years. Buster still has one bone from puppyhood, so that’s saying something (and believe me, he’s tried to kill it).

As experienced dog guardians, friends and new dog people often ask us which food and toys we recommend. Buster is currently on an elimination diet while we figure out what has been triggering his allergies lately and he’s only eating kangaroo protein for the next 30 days (yes, really).

I have compiled a list of the best indestructible dog toys we have in our home and can 100% stand behind (and I’m not being paid to say that). It’s frustrating to waste money on toys your dog immediately ruins, so I’m trying to save others from what we went through (hint: nothing soft. Rather than cuddle his teddies, Buster murdered them).

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What is your dog’s favourite toy brand?

Indestructible dog toys

Buster’s indestructible dog toys

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Despite being able to destroy them, we also buy Buster a slew of tennis balls because they are his kryptonite. We supervise him and take them away when they become swallow-able (so approximately 12 seconds). Seriously though, Chuckit! tennis balls have a thick core and do last much longer than the traditional ones.

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