Vegan and gluten free dinners

Easy, moist, grillable black bean burgers

Most black bean burgers are infused with Mexican flavours. While I love Mexican food, I wanted to try a different flavour combination for my first attempt at easy, moist, grillable black bean burgers and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Vegan Dinner Ideas

These black bean burgers are:

Easy to make
Contains simple ingredients

Healthy Burgers

We eat primarily plant-based and coming up with creative ways to serve vegetables and legumes is critical to avoiding boredom. The gold standard is creating recipes that even die-hard carnivores enjoy and these black bean burgers fit the bill.

I don’t think we’ll ever give up meat completely, but we buy local, organic and non-GMO products from small farms and continue to reduce our consumption. However, we don’t eat soy, so you’ll never find it included in any of my recipes.

What diet or style of eating do you follow? I don’t believe in eliminating entire food groups (not part of the anti-carb club), but I do try to eat mindfully and stick to organic, whole foods whenever possible.

Easy, moist, grillable black bean burgers

This protein packed recipe for delicious black bean burgers comes together in one bowl and is perfect for meatless Monday and quick weeknight meals.

This recipe makes 4 burgers and tastes amazing served with my easy avocado spread.

Grillable Black Bean Burgers



  1. Mash the black beans in a large bowl (or use your food processor if you have one. I have a Ninja and dream of a Vitamix). It’s okay if your concoction is lumpy with some visible beans – it will add texture
  2. Add in the chopped green onions, garlic powder (or minced garlic), paprika, ground flax or breadcrumbs, black pepper, and red pepper (if you’re using it for a kick of spice) and stir until well combined
  3. Form the mixture into patties with your hands and either fry them in high heat cooking oil, such as avocado or grapeseed, bake them, or grill them (I’d recommend using a grill mat to avoid breaking the burgers)

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