Hi, I’m Olivia. Welcome to my author page and blog. In my corner of the internet, you’ll find the latest information on my books, insights into the life of a writer, and articles about leading a happy, balanced and healthy life (including recipes and wellness content). I’m delighted you’re here!

OPwrites blog


I’ve always wanted to be an author. Originally I wanted to find an agent (check out what goes into a submission package!), but I’ve decided to work directly with a publisher instead. I’ll be transparent about the publishing process and also post snippets of my work (I’ve already shared the first chapter of Sweet Redemption and The List), fun details about my characters (learn more about Brooklyn and Trevor from Sweet Redemption on Instagram), and my best writing tips.

Get to know me in 10 bullet points 

  1. There is nothing more important to me than my family. James and I have been married since 2011 and our only kiddos are our boxer, Buster and black lab, Bear. My mom lives five minutes away and we’re super close to her
  2. I make my own chemical free personal care and cleaning products
  3. I haven’t watched TV in a decade (and no, I don’t stream TV shows). I prefer being outside with my fam jam or reading and writing
  4. Our dream is to build a custom home in the country with space for more dogs than we can count and at least six goats (James isn’t onboard with the goat idea, but hey, we’re dreaming right now)
  5. I work a 9-5 job in addition to writing novels and I divide my time between living in the ‘burbs outside Toronto, Ontario and up at our cottage in Muskoka
  6. I’m a little obsessed with Buster. If you check out Instagram, you’ll see why (hint: he’s stinking cute and quite a character). My photo collection of Bear is catching up!
  7. I’m an introvert and an incredibly private person with a public blog. I think that sentence made more sense in my head
  8. I write contemporary romance novels because I enjoy exploring relationships and the human condition. Love is one of the most powerful drivers in the world and it makes for some interesting narratives! My debut, Sweet Redemption, is available for pre-order now
  9. I only workout in the comfort of my own home and use both YouTube videos and DVDs from my favourite instructors
  10. I am terrified of birds (especially the flocking kind) after several horrifying incidents. I swear, birds are out to get me

Share some fun facts about you below! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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