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In addition to being passionate about writing, I’m also a wellness warrior focused on living a happy, balanced life I love by eating, moving and managing stress in a way that nurtures my mental and physical well-being. 

craft advice

Are you an aspiring author or interested in the writing process? Get my best craft advice for free. This includes guidance on editing, motivation, technicalities and my take on tips from pros like Stephen King and Elizabeth Gilbert that you can apply to your own writing projects. 

Stephen King's writing advice

submission tips

Are you thinking about publishing traditionally? Learn what it takes and refer to my free resources to help. This includes advice on pitching live, what goes into a submission package, and the different types of publishing you can consider from being agented to taking it on yourself. 

How to query literary agents

Marketing advice

I work in marketing and communication as my 9-5 gig and I am a public relations guru. I’m sharing how you can successfully market your side gig and build a platform absolutely free. I cover everything from branding to the role of paid advertising in finding your ideal customer. 

Research tips and tricks

author interviews

As I continue to build my network, I am learning a ton from my peers. I’m sharing their knowledge with you in my author interview series where you can hear from both self-published and traditionally published authors. Each interview has an accompanying giveaway to win free books!

Adverbs in genre fiction

My writing

Sweet Redemption is live and I’m working on my next book. I have a series planned with a fellow author, Marlo Lanz, and we’re currently submitting book one. I also have a solo project, The Game Changer Series, that I am so excited about. Want to stay up to date with what I’m up to? Here’s the place for you to get a sneak peek.

What is an #OwnVoices author

lifestyle guide

Curious about the life of a writer? I’m taking you behind the scenes. I post about everything from cottage life to saving money and what date night looks like at our house. I’m married to a trades guy I love even though he’s always ripping the house apart and everyone loves Buster the boxer and Bear the black lab. 

Cheap, easy and fun date night ideas

Healthy living

After losing my dad to cancer, all of my priorities in life changed. I’ve spent years researching natural and effective home remedies to keep my family safe and healthy and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you. You can learn to make your own products and how to feel better faster with home remedies. 

Best Beachbody workout

fitness for everyone

I’ve lost a lot of weight despite a thyroid condition and I did it all from home in my living room with minimal equipment. Curious how I did it and stayed on track? I’m sharing my approach to fitness and everything that worked for me with you because I want to save others the struggles that I faced. 

Jillian Michaels reviews

healthy recipes

I’m not a fan of diets or restrictive ways of eating. I believe there is room for all food groups in life and that you can still lose weight and be healthy while enjoying what you eat. I create lightened up versions of your favorite comfort food and many of my recipes are featured on Foodgawker.

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