Healthy Strawberry Jam

Healthy strawberry jam

To celebrate the release of my steamy new adult contemporary romance novel, Sweet Redemption, I created the Sweet Treat series and I’m so excited to share my healthy strawberry jam recipe. I absolutely adore jam and I have fond memories of strawberry picking with my dad and going home to make mason jar (after mason jar) of jam.

In the spirit of nostalgia, let’s learn how to make healthy strawberry jam, shall we? There’s no need for all the sugar and we might as well add some superfoods and protein while we’re at it. If you missed the first recipe in the series, check out my birthday cake protein balls that have been getting rave reviews.

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Healthy Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie bowl

I love peanut butter (check out my recipes for protein cookies, pancakes, oatmeal protein balls, chocolate chip protein balls, and even dog treats for proof). I also love bananas (check out my easy 2 ingredient cookies and healthy bakery style donuts for further evidence). I’m combining my love affairs in a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie bowl that is part of my healthy January detox. Chocolate as part of a detox? Yes, please. Deprivation doesn’t work, friends, and dark chocolate is good for you!   Continue reading “Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie bowl”

Sweet potato scramble

I love breakfast food and we often have breakfast for dinner at our house (check out my recipe for delicious coconut flour banana pancakes to get the full story behind my addiction). As we work to reduce our meat consumption, eggs are a quick, easy and cheap source of protein that works for some vegetarians. If you’re looking for meatless Monday ideas, try my sweet potato scramble recipe for breakfast or dinner!   Continue reading “Sweet potato scramble”

Easy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy breakfast quiche

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I shared why in my gluten free coconut flour banana pancake recipe – it stems from nostalgic memories with my dad, who I spent a lot of time with in the kitchen baking up a storm and creating new recipes. We’ve been consistently meal planning this week and healthy breakfast quiche has been getting us from early morning to lunch with ease.     Continue reading “Healthy breakfast quiche”

Healthy avocado spread

Avocado Toast with the Easiest 4 Ingredient Guac!

I have an old soul. When I was 6, my mom used to tell people I was going on 40. This is why my friends (most of whom are older than me) find it so funny that I’m part of the dreaded and despised millennial generation. While avocado toast is tongue in cheek, I actually do love it and I promise it’s the only millennial-esque aspect to my lifestyle! Continue reading “Avocado Toast with the Easiest 4 Ingredient Guac!”