Are vitamin D supplements safe

Get your vitamin D

Vitamin D is important to overall health and immunity, including brain function, and many of us are not getting enough. If you live in a climate with dark winters and you don’t take a supplement, chances are you’re deficient in this critical mineral. Most people practice safe sun nowadays, which of course is important to preventing skin cancer, but it also doesn’t help us get vitamin D naturally. Continue reading “Get your vitamin D”

How to use coconut oil

Creative ways to use coconut oil

Do you know all the creative ways to use coconut oil? It’s very trendy and I promise that I used it religiously before it was cool. If you haven’t already gone crazy for coconuts, you should reconsider! However, not all things are created equal, so ensure that you get a high quality coconut oil that you can consume (in limited quantities) and slather on your skin worry free.

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Best boot brand for dogs

Natural cold remedies

Flu season is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to reveal my natural cold remedies. Natural health and wellness are very important to me, from eating all organic to making my own personal care products (check out my toothpaste and anti-aging eye cream recipes). Since I avoid over the counter and prescription drugs whenever possible, I have honed natural cold remedies that work – and I’m sharing my secrets.

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Safe medication to give your dog

Safe and effective home remedies for your dog

James and I are experienced dog owners. We’re able to easily recognize the symptoms of common, non-life threatening illnesses that we can safely treat at home, and we are advocates of the “wait and see” approach.

You can read more about the safe and effective home remedies we use on Buster as required to help him feel better faster (without a hefty and unnecessary vet bill), or jump to the listContinue reading “Safe and effective home remedies for your dog”