Holiday baking

Mini egg cookies

Mini eggs are one of my favourite Easter treats and I also love cookies (see examples here and here). I combined my two favourites and am excited to share my mini egg cookies with you. Easter looks different this year being in quarantine to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but we’re making the best of it. How are all of you doing?

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Healthy pumpkin pie

The Canadian Thanksgiving weekend just passed and our meal wouldn’t have been complete without healthy pumpkin pie. I’m a ghostwriter and author, not a food blogger, so the recipes you see on my site are what I’m literally about to put on our table. You can’t get more authentic than that, friends.

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Birthday Cake Protein Balls

Birthday cake protein balls

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth. One of my favourite splurges is birthday cake timbits (donut holes for my American friends), but they are packed with sugar. I decided to make a healthier version and thus birthday cake protein balls were born. This recipe is the first in my Sweet Treat series to celebrate the release of my debut adult contemporary romance, Sweet Redemption. See what I did there? Sweet.

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Protein balls that taste like cookies

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie protein balls

Adding high quality protein powder to baked goods is one of my favourite ways to make healthy, wholesome and filling treats. I’ve already shared recipes for no bake chocolate chip cookie protein balls and protein packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I’m excited to bring you a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookie protein balls today. Are you noticing I love cookies and protein balls, especially when combined? Continue reading “Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie protein balls”

Easy, healthy banana cookies

Banana cookies with only 2 ingredients

Trying to lose weight is not fun. Imagine you could eat a delicious banana cookie and stay on track! Depriving myself of everything I love doesn’t work for the long term and can lead to a binge of all things brownie. In the maintenance phase, the 80/20 rule works well (80 percent healthy food for fuel and 20 percent food for comfort) and in the losing weight phase, I raise that number to 90/10 or even 95/5 (sorry). Continue reading “Banana cookies with only 2 ingredients”

Healthy cookie recipe

Protein-packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

There’s nothing better than your house smelling like freshly baked cookies (okay, maybe there are a few things. I’m a romance author after all). Finding healthier cookie recipes like my protein-packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that also taste amazing can be challenging. Many recipes containing refined sugar proclaim to be good for you, but it isn’t at the top of my health-conscious ingredient list. Continue reading “Protein-packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies”