Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Healthy lifestyle habits

I used to feel like I spent half my life trying to lose weight and I struggled with making consistent, healthy lifestyle habits. I remember thinking, there’s got to be more to life than dieting, paying bills and cleaning the house.

And of course there is. Your success depends on implementing small habits that consistently (albeit slowly) add up to major changes in your health. Just like one brownie won’t make you gain 100 pounds, one healthy meal won’t change your life either.

Consistency is king.

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How to get more energy naturally

Easy tips for more energy

Life is busy and winter is cold, dark and gloomy, so you may be looking to find easy tips for more energy. Well, you’re in the right place! While I believe that the change of seasons does a body good, I can’t pretend that I don’t struggle with feeling sluggish during the winter months when sunshine is at a premium.

I’m a wellness junkie who has a chemical free home, makes my own personal care products, and only eats organic. So, when I need an energy boost, you won’t find me reaching for caffeine or other stimulants. In fact, some of my tips will sound counter-intuitive, but stick with me and give a few of my suggestions a try. You’ll see a difference!

Get energy naturally

Easy tips for more energy 

If you find yourself lagging (and have been checked out by your doctor to rule out any underlying conditions), then join me in the natural energy club.

Fix your sleep cycle 

People who wake up early are happier and more productive, but if you’re already sluggish than the thought of waking up at 5 am probably sounds like a nightmare. However, if you go to sleep earlier and avoid screen time before bed, then you’ll be able to adjust your sleep cycle and reap the health benefits.

My doctor always tells me that the sweet spot for sleep is 7 hours per night. Even though it’s vital to health and well being, it’s often one of the first things to be sacrificed when you feel pressured to complete your to do list. But when you’re tired, you’re more likely to make mistakes and simple tasks take even longer.

Stay hydrated 

If you’re dehydrated, it can impact your mood, energy level and and even brain function. If you have a hard time remembering to drink enough water during the day, get an app to remind you or a bottle that measures your intake.

Ditch the caffeine 

Don’t stop reading or revolt. Hear me out. Caffeine taxes your adrenal glands and spikes your cortisol, creating the same environment as acute stress. It also interferes with your natural energy spikes throughout the day.

I get it. Your coffee masks your tiredness, but you’re not actually more awake. Rather than feeding your addiction, ditch the stimulant and let your body naturally regulate your energy levels. The withdrawal sucks, but it’s so worth it. I’ll never go back from decaf.


When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is break a sweat. But you can benefit from the endorphins with something as simple as taking a walk. You don’t have to become a HIIT junkie, but you do need to move. The benefits for your energy level, heart, weight and overall well being are so worth it. If you’re looking to create an exercise routine, check out Jillian Michaels or YouTube for some inspiration.

Benefits of yoga

Reduce your alcohol consumption

First I took your coffee, and now I’m taking your booze? I’m afraid it’s true. I drink water 99% of the time because it’s the only liquid my body really needs. I understand the holidays can be booze-y and some people tout the benefits of red wine.

However, my personal research and the opinions of my health team lean towards abstaining completely. If that’s not something you’re willing to do, at least consider reducing your consumption to avoid the sedative, drowsy effects.

Ditch sugar 

By now, we all know that refined sugar is poison. If you’re struggling to lose weight, remember that sugar makes people fat. From an energy perspective, you’ll get a short term spike, but that crash is coming and you’ll be even more exhausted.

Eat real food

Processed food affects your overall health and your energy levels. Choose foods that are going to fuel your body for the day ahead, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean, organic meat. For a natural energy boost, eat a banana, some fatty fish, brown rice, sweet potatoes, eggs, apples, dark chocolate, quinoa, oatmeal, avocados, oranges, seeds, beans, matcha, nuts, and leafy greens.

Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health and I can’t believe we’re still having the conversation in 2020. If you still haven’t kicked the butts and cancer isn’t scary enough for you, you’re also more likely to be sluggish because of the damage to your lungs and reduced efficacy of moving oxygen through your system.

Natural energy boost

What are your best easy tips for more energy? 

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Why should I wake up at 5 am

Benefits of waking up early

You often hear about the benefits of waking up early, but I’ll be the first to tell you that early mornings wake-up calls are the worst. I’m in a comfortable bed cuddling with my boys, so why on earth would I want to leave before I absolutely have to? Well, lots of reasons, actually. There are so many benefits of waking up early and I’m not exaggerating when I say that starting the habit will improve your life and health. Really.

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How to get started on a goal

Don’t wait to start

It can tempting to put things off until tomorrow (or some other arbitrary date in the future that will probably never happen) when you have x, y or z. You’ll take more pictures with your family when you lose weight, you’ll write your book when inspiration strikes, you’ll eat better when you have more time, you’ll go on a date with your spouse when your kids grow up…The list of excuses is endless and my best advice is: don’t wait to start. For further reinforcement, you can read my past Motivation Monday post entitled “start now” (are you noticing a theme here?).

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New Year Check in Questions

New year check in questions

We’re a few days into a new year and while I wasn’t planning to start my new posting cadence until next week, I wanted to check in with everyone. I shared my words of the year on Instagram, which isn’t something I usually participate in. However, this year, I’ve taken comfort in creating a new routine, focusing on self-care and honing my focus on my goals. It’s never too early to take stock and adjust your course, so I have some new year check in questions for you to consider below.  Continue reading “New year check in questions”

New Year's Resolutions

New year’s promises

Did you see my 2018 roundup of all the top posts on in 2018? Go check it out! I’ll wait. Now, as we look to the year ahead, I’ve decided to make some new year promises. We all know that no one keeps resolutions.

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Lifestyle blog roundup

2018 roundup

As this year draws to a close and I reflect on the last seven months of blogging, I’m sharing a 2018 roundup of my top posts. It was a year of learning and personal growth, which I hope continues into 2019. I could do with less turbulence, but I’m sure all of us would appreciate coasting on smoother waters.  Continue reading “2018 roundup”

Christmas card ideas

Dog Christmas card: happy holidays from Buster

If you follow me on Instagram, you have a pretty good idea that James and I love Buster the boxer very much. Despite the fact that James is a hobby photographer, I don’t love having my picture taken. Those two things combined resulted in us having a dog Christmas card that features Buster in our front entrance (the rest of our house is equally festive!).   Continue reading “Dog Christmas card: happy holidays from Buster”