Gift ideas for writers

Christmas gift ideas for writers

Do you have a writer in your life? If you do, chances are that person is introverted and possibly difficult to shop for (or perhaps I’m just describing myself). In the list below, I’ve provided some Christmas gift ideas for writers to help you get started finding that special something for your special someone (who probably avoids real pants like the plague, or again, perhaps that’s just me). Continue reading “Christmas gift ideas for writers”

How to live in the moment

How to stop worrying

I’ve been a worrier since I was old enough to have conscious thought. Probably, I worried while I was in the womb. I don’t say this with pride – stress is incredibly damaging to our health and overall well-being and you will never catch me saying it’s “just stress” to anyone. I’ve had “how to stop worrying” at the top of my personal development list for years and I have come a long way through working out, meditation and self-care.    Continue reading “How to stop worrying”

Reasons to buy a dog

Pros and cons of having a dog

I don’t believe that you can own a dog. I believe that you bring a dog into your family and that you are responsible to act as that dog’s guardian for his or her entire life. I can’t imagine my life without a dog, but I’m also not going to pretend that guardianship is all rainbows and butterflies. Like anything else that’s worthwhile in life, there will be challenges and setbacks that you will need to overcome.

Many people aren’t prepared for the commitment, dedication, and expense that comes with dog guardianship. I think people need to enter into the experience well-informed and understand how much their lives will change. I implore you not to select a dog just because he or she is “cute” because temperament, exercise requirements, and breed traits are far more important considerations (plus, all dogs are cute, right?).

Reasons to buy a dogBuster is our best buddy and my constant writing companion. He hasn’t read Twist of Fate, but you totally should! 😀

Below I have compiled a list of the pros and cons of having a dog in your life. Please add to my list in the comments!

Pros of Having a Dog

  • Dog cuddles are the best EVER
  • They offer unconditional love and loyalty
  • You will be forced into physical activity regardless of the weather. People often complain about this element of having a dog, but I have some breaking news: physical activity is good for you (don’t forget to check out my fitness posts)
  • You will get stress relief from simply being around your dog
  • They provide relentless comfort when you’re sad. Buster will lick my face until I laugh no matter how miserable I am


  • Dogs are a constant source of happiness and amusement with their crazy and endearing antics
  • They teach you life lessons. For real! Like living in the moment, forgiveness, patience, and getting joy out of the simple things in life
  • Dogs protect you and would lay down their lives for you
  • You will always be greeted by the welcome home doggy dance
  • Dogs are constant companions who will follow you everywhere and demand to be a part of your life. They are great little buddies who are always up for an adventure

Why you should get a dog

Cons of Having a Dog

  • Sometimes, they ruin your stuff. However, if you buy them appropriate toys as outlets for their energy, then they are a lot less likely to turn their attention to your shoes
  • I’ve shared Buster’s favourite toys, which he hasn’t been able to destroy, right here.
  • Picking up poop kind of sucks
  • Sometimes, they bark at nothing despite your reassurances that it’s nothing (which is hilarious)
  • They require diligent training (but its fun and allows you to bond!) because no one wants to be around a poorly behaved animal. Just because a dog is small doesn’t make their rude behaviour cute or endearing. Bad manners are never appealing in humans or dogs


  • Travel plans are more complicated as you either need a reliable pet sitter or pet friendly accommodations (I prefer the latter). We mostly go to our cottage, Buster’s Retreat, so we’re safe in this respect
  • Sometimes, they make the house pretty dirty (spring time is the worst. Hello, mud!). But hey, kids and husbands make the house dirty, too
  • Dogs make it tough to sleep in (but you will be more productive because you will wake up early!)
  • Vet care can be expensive. Budget for this or get pet insurance so you can make responsible decisions in the best interest of your dog, not your wallet
  • Sometimes, they demand your undivided attention even if you are actually busy doing something else. Buster has been known to knock my laptop off my lap because he wants to sit with me
  • When they get sick (read my home remedies that are safe for dogs) or you lose them, it’s absolutely devastating


I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?

-Walter Scott

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Self-care tips

Easy self-care tips

Self-care is a buzzword you hear everywhere. Sometimes it’s doing the easy things, like taking bubble baths, and sometimes it’s the harder things that we know are good for us, like making time to workout. How about some easy self-care tips so you can get started today?  Continue reading “Easy self-care tips”

Sexy and scary romance novels

Romance novels for Halloween

Do you love Halloween or are you indifferent? We’re in the indifferent camp at our house, but that could be because we don’t have kids. Dressing a toddler up as a pumpkin would very likely change my mind! In the meantime, how about some romance novels for Halloween? What is romantic about Halloween, you ask? Well, a fun fact about my relationship is that James and I got engaged on Halloween many moons ago!  Continue reading “Romance novels for Halloween”

Easy ways to save money

Have you ever wondered about easy ways to save money? I’m a “saver” by nature and I’ve respected the value of money since I was a kid (thanks, Dad!). After I bought my first house in my early twenties and owned three before 30, people started asking me for financial tips.

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What dogs can teach us

Life lessons from your dog

Dogs are great teachers and you can learn life lessons from your dog if you’re paying attention. Buster the boxer is my brand mascot (here is a gratuitous puppy picture…okay, there’s also this one and this one). We’ve spent years diligently training him, which is why he can be pictured on Instagram with food he doesn’t eat to promote my recipes (the pictures of him with my protein cookies are adorable). Buster is also my personal mascot and below I share life lessons you can learn from your dog! Continue reading “Life lessons from your dog”

What to do in the fall

Fall bucket list

Summer is coming to a close and I’m already starting to think about my fall bucket list. As always, summer at the cottage passed by in a blink. The older I get, the faster time seems to fly and that’s why it’s so important to be present, be grateful and make the most of it.

We’re embarking on a massive renovation at our primary home. When I say massive I mean it: we’re ripping the roof off and building an 800 square foot addition complete with a balcony. In times of chaos, goal setting is even more important so I can ground myself and remember to have fun along the way! Continue reading “Fall bucket list”

How to remember loved ones

How to keep memories alive

Memories can be triggered at any time and if you’ve recently lost someone, you may want to know how to keep memories alive. After losing my dad, sometimes a song on the radio makes tears fill my eyes, and other times, I’ll see or smell something and a previously forgotten memory will pop into my head. These “new” memories are like gifts, and four years after my dad has been gone, sometimes they even make me smile instead of cry (though not very often).

Continue reading “How to keep memories alive”