Tips to increase your Instagram following

Social media algorithms are challenging and great content can get buried if you aren’t strategic. I’m not an Instagram influencer (I consider the threshold to be 10,000 for that coveted status), but I did increase my reach from 0 to over 3,000 in less than a year.

I didn’t do it through follow for follow, which is not an effective way to find fans. So how did I manage it? Today I’m sharing my best tips to increase your Instagram following so you can start finding success today. Continue reading “Tips to increase your Instagram following”

How to balance your self-promotion

Balancing your self-promotion

If you are an entrepreneur (and authors totally count), then chances are you have wondered about balancing your self-promotion with providing value-add content to engage, motivate and inspire your followers (leading to sales).

I view self-promotion as commercials. If you really like a show, you’ll be okay with the occasional interruption. However, if the only content someone provides is commercial after commercial, then chances are you’re going to turn the channel. Continue reading “Balancing your self-promotion”