What is an #OwnVoices author

What is #OwnVoices?

If you’re in the query trenches like I am, then you have undoubtedly seen the call for #OwnVoices stories and perhaps even wondered, what is #OwnVoices and does my book qualify? Simply put, #OwnVoices are books written by an author who shares a marginalized identity with the protagonist. For example, if you’re Deaf and you write a book with a Deaf protagonist, that qualifies as #OwnVoices. You can read more information here. Continue reading “What is #OwnVoices?”

#MeToo in Romance Novels

#MeToo in romance novels

The #MeToo movement is a very politically charged conversation and I don’t debate politics or religion on social media. However, the relevance of #MeToo in romance novels is a valuable conversation to have without getting into any of the nitty gritty details. If you want to learn more about what the heck #MeToo is, you can check out this site.

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The best craft books

Photo Friday: books that have made me a better writer

Today I’m sharing books that have made me a better writer as I work towards publishing my first novel, Twist of Fate. The best authors are readers themselves and not only consume the books in their genre, but also books that improve their own narratives. I’ve been writing in the corporate world for nearly a decade (still not sure how that happened – time flies!) and even though I consider myself an experienced writer, I’m constantly learning and humbled by those who are ahead of me on their journeys. Continue reading “Photo Friday: books that have made me a better writer”

How to deal with dreaded writers block

10 ways to beat writer’s block

Other than my family, there isn’t anything I love more than writing. You will often hear writers complain about the dreaded writer’s block, but I’ve honestly never experienced it. So, now you’re wondering why you should read my 10 ways to beat writer’s block when I don’t struggle with it, but that’s exactly why – I’ve been writing my whole life and I’m going to share my tried, tested and true methods that will get – and keep – you writing. Continue reading “10 ways to beat writer’s block”