Research tips and tricks

How to research your book

I’m a contemporary romance author, but many of the suggestions I provide below about how to research your book apply to multiple genres. Whether you are writing your debut novel (mine is called Sweet Redemption, which I’ll be querying live to literary agents this weekend) or working on your twelfth, I hope my list contains a tip or two that you can use. Continue reading “How to research your book”

How to get a literary agent

Giveaway and Author Interview: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz

The author community on Instagram is full of amazing, supportive women and I am so grateful that it connected me with the incredibly talented Marlo Lanz, author of Raincheck. Her debut novel is getting kick ass reviews all over the map and I’m so excited to feature Raincheck as my first giveaway on the blog! Read below for my interview with Marlo and to enter the giveaway. But before you do, learn more about Raincheck: Continue reading “Giveaway and Author Interview: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz”

How to deal with dreaded writers block

10 ways to beat writer’s block

Other than my family, there isn’t anything I love more than writing. You will often hear writers complain about the dreaded writer’s block, but I’ve honestly never experienced it. So, now you’re wondering why you should read my 10 ways to beat writer’s block when I don’t struggle with it, but that’s exactly why – I’ve been writing my whole life and I’m going to share my tried, tested and true methods that will get – and keep – you writing. Continue reading “10 ways to beat writer’s block”