Banana cookies with only 2 ingredients

Trying to lose weight is not fun. Imagine you could eat a delicious banana cookie and stay on track! Depriving myself of everything I love doesn’t work for the long term and can lead to a binge of all things brownie. In the maintenance phase, the 80/20 rule works well (80 percent healthy food for fuel and 20 percent food for comfort) and in the losing weight phase, I raise that number to 90/10 or even 95/5 (sorry). Continue reading “Banana cookies with only 2 ingredients”

What can cancer teach you

Photo Friday: life lessons from cancer

Illnesses can change your perspective and priorities, and seeing people I love battle cancer has taught me many life lessons. I learned so much from my dad, which I am always going to carry with me. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been introduced to Buster and my little man is also a cancer survivor. Their experiences have forever changed the trajectory of my life and taught that there are a lot of things we simply can’t control, so we must seize the things we can! Continue reading “Photo Friday: life lessons from cancer”

How to deal with dreaded writers block

10 ways to beat writer’s block

Other than my family, there isn’t anything I love more than writing. You will often hear writers complain about the dreaded writer’s block, but I’ve honestly never experienced it. So, now you’re wondering why you should read my 10 ways to beat writer’s block when I don’t struggle with it, but that’s exactly why – I’ve been writing my whole life and I’m going to share my tried, tested and true methods that will get – and keep – you writing. Continue reading “10 ways to beat writer’s block”

Healthy avocado spread

Avocado Toast with the Easiest 4 Ingredient Guac!

I have an old soul. When I was 6, my mom used to tell people I was going on 40. This is why my friends (most of whom are older than me) find it so funny that I’m part of the dreaded and despised millennial generation. While avocado toast is tongue in cheek, I actually do love it and I promise it’s the only millennial-esque aspect to my lifestyle! Continue reading “Avocado Toast with the Easiest 4 Ingredient Guac!”

Photo Friday: Muskoka sunset

One of my favourite daily rituals is how I often end my day: on the water with James and Buster watching the Muskoka sunset at our cottage in Huntsville. It’s a meditative experience and different every time – sometimes the sky is painted in oranges and reds, and other times it’s pink and purple. Concluding the day connected to nature with my boys sets the tone for a restful sleep and ensures we start the next day feeling energized and inspired. Continue reading “Photo Friday: Muskoka sunset”

Free YouTube Workouts

The best YouTube channels for free home workouts

The best exercise is the one you’ll actually do. I used to be a gym rat, but at this point in my life, I’m not willing to make that time commitment. It’s easiest and more effective to cut out the travel time and workout in my living room at my convenience. I’m pleased to share the best YouTube channels for free home workouts with you below! Continue reading “The best YouTube channels for free home workouts”

Protein powder that tastes good

Strawberry protein shake (that tastes like a diner milkshake!)

Imagine being rewarded after a grueling workout with a strawberry milkshake – now you can be! This strawberry protein shake tastes exactly like an old fashioned diner milkshake and gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling (without the sugar rush). It’s a perfect refreshing treat during the summer and now that I’ve created it, I’m addicted to it! Continue reading “Strawberry protein shake (that tastes like a diner milkshake!)”

How to safely BBQ

10 summer BBQ tips

We’re celebrating Canada Day long weekend, so what better time to share some summer BBQ tips? Unfortunately, we currently have humidity that’s making it feel like 45+ degrees Celsius. I’ve always said you don’t need air conditioning at cottages because of the glorious lake breeze, but this weekend is making me reconsider. Continue reading “10 summer BBQ tips”