Thai Quinoa Salad

Thai quinoa salad

For a delicious meatless Monday option, try my easy and simple Thai quinoa salad that is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free (the same as these donuts, which were my most popular recipe of 2017).

I like to make this salad and then eat it for lunch all week because I don’t mind eating the same healthy thing for days on end (goes well with my natural inclination towards kitchen laziness and hatred of dishes).   Continue reading “Thai quinoa salad”

Writing advice by Stephen King

Making writing less lonely

There is one sentiment that successful authors almost always echo: writing is a lonely job. Stephen King tells us this fact in On Writing and Jennifer Probst makes the same point in Write Naked. As someone who writes for my 9-5 gig and also runs a busy blog, social media accounts and, oh yeah, crafts contemporary romance novels, I certainly spend a lot of time writing. So, how do you go about making writing less lonely?   Continue reading “Making writing less lonely”

New Year Check in Questions

New year check in questions

We’re a few days into a new year and while I wasn’t planning to start my new posting cadence until next week, I wanted to check in with everyone. I shared my words of the year on Instagram, which isn’t something I usually participate in. However, this year, I’ve taken comfort in creating a new routine, focusing on self-care and honing my focus on my goals. It’s never too early to take stock and adjust your course, so I have some new year check in questions for you to consider below.  Continue reading “New year check in questions”

New Year's Resolutions

New year’s promises

Did you see my 2018 roundup of all the top posts on in 2018? Go check it out! I’ll wait. Now, as we look to the year ahead, I’ve decided to make some new year promises. We all know that no one keeps resolutions.

I believe change can and should be made throughout the year. However, there is something undeniably exciting about a brand new agenda with blank pages. For me, it symbolizes a year full of untapped opportunities, fresh potential and high motivation. Continue reading “New year’s promises”

Lifestyle blog roundup

2018 roundup

As this year draws to a close and I reflect on the last seven months of blogging, I’m sharing a 2018 roundup of my top posts. It was a year of learning and personal growth, which I hope continues into 2019. I could do with less turbulence, but I’m sure all of us would appreciate coasting on smoother waters.  Continue reading “2018 roundup”

Christmas card ideas

Dog Christmas card: happy holidays from Buster

If you follow me on Instagram, you have a pretty good idea that James and I love Buster the boxer very much. Despite the fact that James is a hobby photographer, I don’t love having my picture taken. Those two things combined resulted in us having a dog Christmas card that features Buster in our front entrance (the rest of our house is equally festive!).   Continue reading “Dog Christmas card: happy holidays from Buster”

Freezer friendly meals

Hearty chicken and rice soup

It’s so easy to heat up soup from a can, especially if you or someone in your household is under the weather. However, there is nothing like homemade hearty chicken and rice soup (plus there’s a lot less sodium). If you make a big batch and freeze it in portions (meal prep 101), then it’s basically the same thing as reaching for a can. In my recipe down below, I give you my secret to great tasting soup that won’t disappoint!  Continue reading “Hearty chicken and rice soup”