Finding our strange jewels

Finding strange jewels

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert explains how inspiration and creativity are divine interventions. She argues that we all have ideas buried inside of us and that it’s simply a matter of finding our strange jewels so we can write the novel, choreograph the dance, or take the amazing picture. Stick with me even if what… Continue reading →

The importance of word counts

How to finish a novel in three months

If you’ve ever participated in NaNoWriMo, then you know the importance of word counts. If you’re part of any social media network, you’ll see constant updates about other people’s word counts and this number will be tied to your success for the day. Before reading Stephen King’s book, On Writing, I never put much stock… Continue reading →

Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie bowl

Healthy Smoothie Bowl

I love peanut butter (check out my recipes for protein cookies, pancakes, oatmeal protein balls, chocolate chip protein balls, and even dog treats for proof). I also love bananas (check out my easy 2 ingredient cookies and healthy bakery style donuts for further evidence). I’m combining my love affairs in a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie bowl that… Continue reading →

Don’t wait to start

How to get started on a goal

It can tempting to put things off until tomorrow (or some other arbitrary date in the future that will probably never happen) when you have x, y or z. You’ll take more pictures with your family when you lose weight, you’ll write your book when inspiration strikes, you’ll eat better when you have more time,… Continue reading →

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

What do Himalayan salt lamps do

I’m always researching the latest health and wellness information. It’s a good thing James is patient to a fault because I’m always bringing home random things, creating new recipes, and reading the latest books while I regal him with the exciting ways we’ll improve our lives this week (and many of these ideas make their way… Continue reading →

Motivation Monday: thoughts matter

How to meditate

For a long time, I was one of those people who said, “it’s just stress” and dismissed it without any regard. I make a conscious effort to focus on learning about diet and nutrition, exercise science, and disease prevention, but for a long time, I only focused on my physical body. I hadn’t yet realized… Continue reading →

Thai quinoa salad

Thai Quinoa Salad

For a delicious meatless Monday option, try my easy and simple Thai quinoa salad that is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free (the same as these donuts, which were my most popular recipe of 2017). I like to make this salad and then eat it for lunch all week because I don’t… Continue reading →

New year check in questions

New Year Check in Questions

We’re a few days into a new year and while I wasn’t planning to start my new posting cadence until next week, I wanted to check in with everyone. I shared my words of the year on Instagram, which isn’t something I usually participate in. However, this year, I’ve taken comfort in creating a new… Continue reading →

New year’s promises

New Year's Resolutions

Did you see my 2018 roundup of all the top posts on in 2018? Go check it out! I’ll wait. Now, as we look to the year ahead, I’ve decided to make some new year promises. We all know that no one keeps resolutions. I believe change can and should be made throughout the year.… Continue reading →

2018 roundup

Lifestyle blog roundup

As this year draws to a close and I reflect on the last seven months of blogging, I’m sharing a 2018 roundup of my top posts. It was a year of learning and personal growth, which I hope continues into 2019. I could do with less turbulence, but I’m sure all of us would… Continue reading →