Meal Plan and Meal Prep

10 meal prepping tips to ensure you eat well all week

My relationship with food is evolving and I’ve learned to be okay with exactly where I’m at while knowing that I’ll continue to get better. When I have a meal plan (bonus if everything is prepped in advance), I have no problem following it. Continue reading “10 meal prepping tips to ensure you eat well all week”

Healthy protein cookies

Protein-packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

There’s nothing better than your house smelling like freshly baked cookies (okay, maybe there are a few things. I’m a romance author after all). Finding healthier cookie recipes that also taste amazing can be challenging. Many recipes containing refined sugar proclaim to be good for you, but it isn’t at the top of my health-conscious ingredient list. Continue reading “Protein-packed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies”