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Giveaway and Author Interview: Clutch by Lisa Becker

I’m giving away an electronic copy of Clutch by Lisa Becker and, since I can’t promise you’ll meet your own “clutch” in real life, a beautiful beaded Tommy Bahama version for you to bring everywhere you go. Read the giveaway details below to enter right here on the blog AND get bonus entries on Instagram and Twitter. Continue reading “Giveaway and Author Interview: Clutch by Lisa Becker”

Slow cooker ribs

How to make perfect fall off the bone ribs

I’ve shared many healthy and lightened up recipes with you on the blog, but if you want to make perfect fall off the bone ribs every single time, unfortunately they don’t fall into the “healthy” category because of what I cook them in. However, I have made some healthy adjustments to ensure that indulging in savory and delicious ribs won’t derail your diet. Continue reading “How to make perfect fall off the bone ribs”

The best craft books

Photo Friday: books that have made me a better writer

Today I’m sharing books that have made me a better writer as I work towards publishing my first novel, Twist of Fate. The best authors are readers themselves and not only consume the books in their genre, but also books that improve their own narratives. I’ve been writing in the corporate world for nearly a decade (still not sure how that happened – time flies!) and even though I consider myself an experienced writer, I’m constantly learning and humbled by those who are ahead of me on their journeys. Continue reading “Photo Friday: books that have made me a better writer”

Author interviews

Giveaway and Author Interview: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz

The author community on Instagram is full of amazing, supportive women and I am so grateful that it connected me with the incredibly talented Marlo Lanz, author of Raincheck. Her debut novel is getting kick ass reviews all over the map and I’m so excited to feature Raincheck as my first giveaway on the blog! Read below for my interview with Marlo and to enter the giveaway. But before you do, learn more about Raincheck: Continue reading “Giveaway and Author Interview: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz”

Lightened up cheeseburger casserole

Lightened up cheeseburger casserole

We don’t eat a lot of red meat in our household, but one of our favourite, easy dishes is my lightened up cheeseburger casserole. We just spent 10 days at the cottage and one of our favourite rituals is ending the day together on the boat watching the sunset (check out our view here and here with lots of bonus pictures and stories on Instagram). Evenings are already starting to get chilly and the sun is setting half an hour earlier than it did in July, so it was time to break out a grill alternative and start making my lightened up cheeseburger casserole again! Continue reading “Lightened up cheeseburger casserole”

How to remember loved ones

How to keep memories alive

Memories can be triggered at any time and if you’ve recently lost someone, you may want to know how to keep memories alive. After losing my dad, sometimes a song on the radio makes tears fill my eyes, and other times, I’ll see or smell something and a previously forgotten memory will pop into my head. These “new” memories are like gifts, and four years after my dad has been gone, sometimes they even make me smile instead of cry (though not very often).

Continue reading “How to keep memories alive”

How to get skunk smell off your dog

How to get skunk smell off your dog – guaranteed

If your dog has ever been sprayed by a skunk, you know first hand how god awful the smell is and you’ve likely frantically googled “how to get skunk smell off your dog” and come up with a series of old wives’ tales that simply don’t work. Buster has been skunked three times in his six years and the most recent was last night when we arrived home from vacation. The best part? I was also skunked and I used the same formula to get the skunk smell off Buster for myself. Don’t waste your time with tomato juice that will only stain your dog’s fur – my recipe is guaranteed to get the skunk smell off your dog.   Continue reading “How to get skunk smell off your dog – guaranteed”

Tips to reach a goal

Strategies to reach a goal

It’s critical to have strategies to reach a goal to keep you on track. When you’re trying to reach a goal (or considering getting started on one), it can be challenging to get yourself in a positive frame of mind. It’s easy to get bogged down in regrets about what you should have done differently, that you should have started sooner, how long it’s going to take, or how hard it’s going to be. I have gone through all of those excuses (and more) in my journey towards self-improvement. It’s easier and a lot more comfortable to stay the same, but remember that doing nothing is also a choice and a risk. Continue reading “Strategies to reach a goal”